Athena Baptist Church
Monday, July 15, 2024
A Church Alive is Worth the Drive!

Words to Live By!

Good morning church, HE IS RISEN, CHRIST OUR LORD IS ALIVE! I am ready to worship Him today!

2022-04-17 – Sunday – Matthew 28:6

He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.

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Description automatically generatedThe entrance into Jerusalem a week ago brought the disciples to a crescendo
that they have never imagined in their lives. Jesus was coming as the King of
glory, to set up His kingdom, the restoration of the Davidic kingdom. But the
days that followed brought His disciples to a low that they have never experienced
or witnessed. The last supper, the arrest, the so-called trial, the scourging of their
Master, the cross bearing, and finally the place of the Skull, Calvary, where Jesus
was nailed to the cross and crucified. Few of the Twelve dared follow Him now.
Peter even denied Him. Disbelief ruled their hearts now, the question of how could
this be? He who raised Lazarus, healed the lame, gave sight to the blind, fed the
thousands, gave hope to the hopeless, cast out demons and so much more that
words cannot describe. As He hung upon the cross and declared with His last breath, “It is finished” set in motion the Plan of the Ages.
It was the Plan that would change the course of history forever. But how was this to happen, the Messiah was in the grave. But wait,
the word is that He is not in the tomb. The angel has said, “HE IS RISEN.” Come and see! As they gazed upon the place where He was
lain, fear and joy filled their hearts. HE IS RISEN, HE IS RISEN, HALLALUJAH!
These three words “HE IS RISEN” are indeed Words to Live By!