Athena Baptist Church
Wednesday, April 17, 2024
A Church Alive is Worth the Drive!

Special Events

Steve's baptism June 30, 2013
Beth Anne and Angie get the pie in face! Pastor was looking on from behind.
50+ pictures are on Facebook!
Birthday cake for Bro. David. May, 2013
Celebrating with Roger and Melva, 10 year anniversary
February marked 10 years that Roger and Melva have served Athena.
We appreciate their faithfulness and dedication to the Lord.
I would like to personally thank all that had a part in the celebration service tonight.  Judy, for working tirelessly in putting this all together, Helen for securing the great steaks and working in the kitchen and bringing extras, the decorating committee, Jan, Carol and Dona Gail, great job gals.  Linda and Larry the Tea man, Great cakes by Angie (3 Tier), Cindy's Chocolate cake, Susan's congratulations cake, Lillians famous 10 layer chocolate cake, salads by Judy, Tina, Helen and Diane.  The bread brought by Darlene. And a big thank you for Tim who did an exellent job cooking.  Thanks for all who pitched in to clean up.  With such a long list I hope I did not overlook anyone. Please forgive me if I did.
Thanks again,